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BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi is the newest cinema of BioRex Cinemas Oy, the second largest cinema chain in Finland. Built underground, the three-screen cinema provides the best possible cinematic experience, powered by Finnish R&D.

BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi has three state-of-the-art cinema rooms, each with its own customised environment. The rooms also feature RGB laser projectors and a world-famous Dolby Atmos sound system. Seating comfort is maximised with plenty of leg room, soft Italian seating, unobstructed views and tables. The large cinema screen and a boutique atmosphere will crown your occasion.

BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi has in total 246 seats. 

Salon 1 (116 seats + 2*)
Salon 2 (65 seats + 1*)
Salon 3 (65 seats + 1*)

*seats for people with reduced mobility in the hall

For businesses

At BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi you can arrange memorable special events. The unique setting, auditorium-like auditorium, giant screen and state-of-the-art technology ensure a successful event.

Lasipalatsi Bio Rex

Lasipalatsi Bio Rex is an important part of the cinema history of Helsinki and the whole of Finland. When it was completed in 1936, it was one of the largest and most modern cinemas in the city. Over the years, it became an important flagship theatre for both domestic and foreign first screenings.

The cinema has in recent years served as a commissioned theatre for festivals and other events. It re-opened for regular cinema use with public screenings in March 2024 .

The cinema screenings at the Bio Rex Lasipalatsi are operated by BioRex Cinemas Oy.

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    The Kulttuurikasarmi: between Narinkkatori and Lasipalatsinaukio