Restaurant Lasipalatsi -

Restaurant Lasipalatsi

When the Lasipalatsi was completed in 1936, the restaurant was SOK’s largest restaurant with 700 seats, which formed the entire length of the Lasipalatsi on the 2nd floor. In its current form, Restaurant Lasipalatsi has been open since 1998.

At Restaurant Lasipalatsi you will find not only classic dishes but also seasonal delicacies at their best. Our kitchen takes pride in ensuring that fresh fish, fresh vegetables, reindeer, lamb and local wild game are always on offer, not forgetting pure Scandinavian ingredients. The Lasipalatsi has been known for its Blini Weeks and Asparagus Weeks for over 20 years.

After the completion of the museum, the restaurant expanded with three new cabinets, named after the original architects of the Lasipalatsi; Rewell, Kokko and Riihimäki.

Restaurant Lasipalatsi is also the catering partner of Bio Rex in the Lasipalatsi.

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    Lasipalatsi: 2nd floor, opposite Sokos, Mannerheimintie, entrance also from Lasipalatsi Square