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The best of times, all the time.

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Film, art, food, events and shops all on the same block.

Lasipalatsikortteli (Swedish: Glaspalatskvarteret; meaning literally “Glass palace quarter”) is a reflection of its city. It is the wayward child of a capital shaped by the turbulence of the 19th century and the hopefulness of the Olympic year, a unique combination that doesn’t fit into any prefabricated mould.

Our block does not offer everything for everyone, but something for those seeking a carefully selected, surprising and distinctive experience. Call us a hidden gem in the heart of Helsinki, a small neighbourhood with more experiences, art, meetings, unique shopping, flavours, concerts and films than you can imagine. In summer you can enjoy live music and a glass of wine before a film, in winter, you can take the kids sledding on the hills of the inner court.

Lasipalatsikortteli is where you’ll enjoy the best of times, all the time.

Lasipalatsikortteli consists of the Kulttuurikasarmi, Lasipalatsi and Lasipalatsi Square with the roof mounds of Amos Rex art museum.


Completed in 1833, the Kulttuurikasarmi building is the only remaining building of the Turku Barracks, which were located on the site of the current Lasipalatsi. The building was commissioned by Nikolai Sinebrychoff and based on drawings by Carl Ludvig Engel and has been used over the years by the Finnish Defence Forces, among others. Since 1935, the building has been used as a bus station and for various restaurants and services in Helsinki.

Now this building, known as Kulttuurikasarmi, is being revived as a completely renovated and modern entertainment centre, including a three-screen cinema, restaurants, an event space and stage, a terrace and a pavilion. Read more about the history of the Kamppi area and Kulttuurikasarmi (in Finnish, PDF).


Lasipalatsi is a building originally designed by Viljo Revell, Heimo Riihimäki and Niilo Kokko as a temporary structure, completed in 1936. Today, Lasipalatsi is considered one of the finest functionalist buildings in Helsinki. In its day, Lasipalatsi was one of the first buildings in Finland to combine commerce with entertainment and culture. Even today, Lasipalatsi continues along the same path, offering Finnish design, art, cinema and dining experiences. Read more about the history of Lasipalatsi (in Finnish, PDF, 20 Mt).

Lasipalatsi square

The Lasipalatsi square ties together the activities of the whole block and serves as the heart of the city centre. A relaxing living room where people can hang out in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. An event scene adjacent to the Kulttuurikasarmi building enables both concerts and discussions. The square’s unique design is enhanced by five concrete-tiled mounds that offer a peek into the underground Amos Rex art museum. The pedestals of the bus platforms, which still dot the square’s edges, bear witness to its history.