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Söderlångvik Glass



Where do you get the best ice cream in town? If you ask us, it’s at the Söderlångvik Ice Cream shop. From June, we’ll be serving locally produced ice cream using only the best ingredients.

All our ice cream is made from apples from Söderlångvik Manor. The apples are grown in the most beautiful archipelago scenery in the world and ripen slowly during the long, lukewarm summer days. They taste of the archipelago!

We offer a total of 8 different flavours and of course vegan options. Stop by for a taste, we almost dare to promise you won’t be disappointed!

In addition to ice cream, we also sell other Söderlångvik products. Apple juice and jam, granola, island liqueur, honey. And of course apples. Always fresh, delivered to us directly from the farm, without any middlemen.

Opening hours



    Lasipalatsi, Simonkatu. Access also from the square side.