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Kulttuurikasarmi opens in November


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After more than two years, the large-scale construction project of the Kulttuurikasarmi in Helsinki’s Lasipalatsikortteli is now complete. The complex, which includes a cinema, restaurants, event space, a pavilion and an event stage, will open to the public on Friday 17 November.

“Friday 17 November is an important day when Kulttuurikasarmi opens its doors to the public. The two-year construction project was preceded by years of planning and many phases. Now, the former bus station and barracks building is beginning to serve its new purpose. Helsinki’s city centre is now a unique meeting place for lovers of cinema, food, drink, concerts and other events”, says Ari Tolppanen, the project’s initiator and Chairman of the Board of Kulttuurikasarmi Oy.

Henry’s Distillery, Henry’s Music Bar, Café Kasarmi and the Events space represent the restaurant culture of Kulttuurikasarmi.

The legendary Henry’s Pub was located at the old bus station in Helsinki, which moved to Mikonkatu during the renovation of Kulttuurikasarmi. Henry’s legacy will be honoured at Kulttuurikasarmi with the new distillery restaurant Henry’s Distillery and Henry’s Music Bar.

Henry’s Distillery will offer a warm atmosphere and an easy-going cuisine. The distillery is run by Arctic Blue Beverages, renowned for its award-winning Arctic Blue Gin. Facing Narinkkatori, the real showcase of the Kulttuurikasarmi is the glass pavilion, with a stunning sun terrace built above it. Henry’s Music Bar, a relaxed and lounge-like bar, is located on two floors at the southern end of the building. The stage hosts weekly live music and stand-up.

Kafé Kasarmi serves speciality coffees and food from breakfast to dinner, not forgetting a stylish array of wines. The café also offers ready-made menus for the cinema.

On the second floor, the events space Kulttuurikasarmi Events has been completed, hosting events from seminars to business events for 300-450 people, complemented by 200 seats on the roof terrace.

Outside, on the Lasipalatsiaukio side, a new outdoors stage will host various concerts and other public events in the summer season.

The BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi invites film lovers to enjoy themselves – tickets are now on sale.

The BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi, a three-screen luxury cinema below the surface, combines state-of-the-art technical features, seating comfort and a boutique atmosphere. In the halls you can sit in plush armchairs with movable backrests, on soft seat cushions or on comfortable sofas. All the products of the restaurant world can be enjoyed in the cinema, which is also a bar area.

In October, Kulttuurikasarmi’s own Cinema Club Pieni Elokuvakerho was launched, with its first event in the BioRex Lasipalatsi cinema attracting hundreds of film lovers. At the end of the year, the club will be screened at BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi, with screenings of such films as Gilda, The Shawshank Redemption, When Harry Met Sally, The Truman Show and Gremlins.

Tickets for the rest of the year’s screenings of Pieni Elokuvakerho and the first two weeks of the BioRex Kulttuurikasarmi have gone on sale on the BioRex Cinemas website.